The Universalist Church School Union Trust


Application For Funding

Should you be interested in applying for monies from the Trust, please complete and mail the 2014 Application for Funding (PDF or MS Word format) to our Treasurer, Elisse Ghitelman, by Friday, February 28, 2014. You may either mail hard copy to

Ms. Elisse Ghitelman
Universalist Church School Union Trust
50 Church Street
Waltham, MA 02451

or send your application as an email attachment to both Elisse.Ghitelman@gmail.com and Wendy.Dennis@verizon.net

In general, each organization requesting monies is eligible to submit only one application. Typically, the amount awarded per proposal ranges from $200 to $900. This amount is determined by the income generated by the Trust and the number of requests received.

To qualify for consideration, the applicant or a representative must have submitted the 2014 Application for Funding by the February 28th deadline and attend the March 15th meeting. Each representative should be prepared to report on how 2013 funds were spent (if a request was funded last year) and to discuss how monies received in 2014 will be used.



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