The Universalist Church School Union Trust



The following individuals are the trustees of the Universalist Church School Union Trust as of the 2011 Annual Meeting.

  Lisa Biederwolf First Parish Universalist Church
Stoughton, Massachusetts
  Karen Brown Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn
Swampscott, Massachusetts
  Wendy Dennis, Chair and Clerc First Universalist Society
Wakefield, Massachusetts
  Eden Garhart-Smith First Parish of Malden, Universalist
Malden, Massachusetts
  Elisse Ghitelman, Treasurer First Parish Church, Universalist Unitarian
Waltham, Massachusetts
  Lee Holmes Universalist Unitarian Church
Brockton, Massachusetts
  Sarah Lammert Director of Ministries and Faith Development
Ministries and Faith Development
Unitarian Universalist Association
  Dr. Nita Penfold Unitarian Universalist Church
Melrose, Massachusetts
  Richard Trudeau Unitarian Universalist Church of Weymouth
Weymouth, Massachusetts
  Kimberley M. Wootan Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford
Medford, Massachusetts
  Kelly Whalen Unitarian Universalist Church
Melrose, Massachusetts




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