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What Is Universalism?

Universalism is a religion that was packed away and, mostly, forgotten when the Unitarian and Universalist national organizations combined in 1961.

Today’s UUs are rediscovering Universalism, both as a resource for their personal religious growth and as a bridge to people who are not UUs.

Universalism is a religious option within the UU movement that expresses modern UU values by using Biblical language and traditional symbolism in a challenging, new way.

At the culmination of its independent existence, the Universalist movement described itself by means of a symbol and a declaration of faith.

The symbol is the "off-center cross" at the top left of this page. The circle, a traditional symbol of infinity because it has no beginning or end, represents the universe. The empty space at the center represents the mystery at the heart of the universe that people call "God." The cross represents Christianity, out of which Universalism grew, and which is the path toward God that most religious people in North America are brought up to follow; but it is placed off-center, to leave room for other points of view and to acknowledge the validity of other paths toward God. (For more information, click on the symbol itself.)

The declaration of faith is as follows. For a commentary, click on its title.


General Assemblies of 1935 and 1953

We avow our faith in
    God as eternal and all-conquering love;
    the spiritual leadership of Jesus;
    the supreme worth of every human personality;
    the authority of truth, known or to be known; and
    the power of persons of good will and sacrificial spirit to overcome
        all evil and progressively establish the kingdom of God.
Neither this nor any other statement shall be imposed as a creedal test.



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